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24 July 2009 @ 03:09 pm
Who is Mayday?  

Hailing from Taiwan, Mayday is a five men rock/pop band, consisting of band leader Monster 怪獸 who plays the guitar, guitarist Stone 石頭, bassist Masa 瑪莎, drummer Ming 冠佑 (formerly known as 諺明 and 浩明) and vocals Ashin 阿信. Besides Ming, the four of them met in high school HSNU (師大附中), when they were in the guitar club. They were performing in pubs under the name "So Band". It was only until 1997 when they decided to participate in the Formoz Festival that they sat down and think of a proper band name, finally deciding on 五月天 which was a translation from Masa's online moniker "Mayday".

It was also in 1997 that they decided to record demos and sent it to various recording companies in Taiwan. Rock Records heard them. Records executive Jonathan Lee 李宗盛 heard them, and they got a deal. :D

Mayday timeline

before 1997:
called So Band, with the present members except Ming

29 Mar 1997:
took part in the Formoz Festival, changed their name to 五月天 Mayday because, well, they had to fill a name in the application

Mar 1998:
first recorded single under the name Mayday - 軋車 Motorock in ㄞ國歌曲 Taiwan Independent Compilation 1999

Jun 1998:
first album produced under the name Mayday - 擁抱 Touch Together gay and lesbian singer compilation II

Jul 1998:
Signed with Rock Records

7 Jul 1999:
First album 第一張創作專輯 released under Rock Records

28 Aug 1999:
First large scale concert 第168場演唱會; prior to this they have performed 167 times in smaller locations like pubs or universities

*to be continued*